XLI Annual APdeBA Symposium

– Octubre 3rd-4th 2019 –

Virginia Ungar coordinated the Opening Panel of the XLI Annual APdeBA Symposium in which the topic of migration was discussed. The guests to the panel were Ana Paula Penchaszadeh, Adriana Kaufman, Marta Lewin and Alberto Perez Cohen.

She also commented the panel “Unique Case Research oriented to Clinical Practice” that had as guests: Andrea Rodríguez Quiroga, Laura Borensztein, Laura Bongiardino, Saskia Aufenacker and Santiago Juan.


¿Un Freud más allá de la sexualidad binaria?

“Revista Ñ”, Clarín 19/07/2019

“Lo femenino”. Ese es el nombre y el objeto de discusión que cruzará el congreso de la Asociación Internacional de Psicoanálisis (IPA) que se realizará del 24 al 27 de julio en Londres en el que la pensadora Julia Kristeva dictará la conferencia de apertura cuyo título será “Preludios para una ética de lo femenino”…

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79th French Language Speaking Analysts Congress

– May 30th to June 2nd, 2019, Paris –

Virginia Ungar was invited to the 79th French Language Speaking Analysts Congress (CPLF) in Paris. She thanks the invitation to this fascinating event on the theme: “Psychic Bisexuality, Sexualities and Genders”. This current subject raises debates not only in the field of Psychoanalysis, but also in many other disciplines, and it has a great impact in Culture. She took part in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Congress and congratulated all the organizers and speakers for this interesting event. She also participated in the fruitful Lunch Meeting of the French Speaking Psychoanalytical Societies Presidents.


23rd RTP and 20th Joseph Sandler Conference

– From May 4th to the 9th, 2019 –

The 23rd IPA Research Training Program (RTP), that’s held every year in each of the IPA regions, took place at the Mental Health University Institute of APdeBA. We had the pleasure to welcome Mark Solms, chair of the IPA’s Research Committee, and Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, organizer of the Conference together with Clara Schejtman. Marianne and Mark were part of the eight invited professors for this program, and they also gave free lectures in different IPA Societies.

– From May 10 to 12 the 20th, 2019 –

Joseph Sandler Conference was held at the Argentine Psychoanalytical Association. The theme was “Psychoanalytic Understanding and Treatment of Depression: Researchers and Clinicians in Dialogue”. I had the pleasure of taking part in the opening and closing panels of the Conference. And I was discussant of Mariane Leuzinger-Bohleber’s paper “Investigating symptomatic and structural changes in the LAC Depression Study: Empirical and clinical findings.”

I would like to congratulate all the organizers of this important event for their hard work, the high quality of the presentations and discussions, and for the great attendance to these events.


The chair of the IPA Migrations and Refugees sub-committee gives a lecture about “Trauma and Transgenerational Transmission”

– May 7 2019 –

Virginia Ungar coordinated the presentation that Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber gave at APdeBA, it was entitled “Trauma and Transgenerational Transmission: Contribution of (Clinical) Psychoanalysis to the Refugee Crisis in Germany”. Marianne chairs the IPA Migration and Refugees Sub-committee of IPA in the Community, that focuses in a very current issue: migration and the difficulties that refugees have to face. For the IPA it is very important to study the effects that forced migration produces when arriving to such unfamiliar places, with a language they don’t understand and facing a mourning process of having lost everything they knew.

Marianne showed how the First Reception Institution named “Michaelisdorf” in Darmstadt, Germany was built. Marianne was the director of the Sigmund Freud Institute when the Ministry of Social Affairs of the State of Hessen asked her to conceptualize a Pilot Project to support refugees. The project was successfully carried out during the peak of the refugee crisis and for more than one year. The results of the project served as political model for the establishment of four Psychosocial Centres for refugee care in Hessen.