-28-30 November-

57th Symposium
47th APA Congress
“Horizons and borders. Debate Psychoanalysis ”

We share the activities in which Virginia Ungar participated in this 57th Symposium / 47th APA Congress, where it was possible to reflect very fruitfully about the CONTEMPORARY PSYCHOANALYSIS and the FUTURE OF PSYCHOANALYSIS.

Conversation: “Bisexuality. A baby is born – Identity”
Coordinator / s: Abel Fainstein
Presenter / s: Silvia Flechner
Clinical discussion: Virginia Ungar – Alejandra Marucco – Osvaldo Delgado

Workshop: “Reorganization possibilities during puberty”
Coordinator / s: Virginia Ungar – Leonor Kraviez
Presenter / s: Karina Soldati

Central panel: “Looking to the future psychoanalysis”
Conductor: Abel Fainstein and Claudia Borensztejn
Presenter / s / Participate in Scientific Secretaries and Presidents: Jorge Canteros (former APA Scientific Section), Andrés Rascovsky (former APA President, José Milmaniene (former APA Scientific Section, Adolfo Benjamín (former APA Scientific Section) , Mirta Goldstein (APA Scientific Sec.), Norberto Marucco (former APA Pte., Gustavo Jarast (APA Former Scientific Sec. Leticia Glocer (APA Former Pte., Elizabeth Chapuy (FePAL Scientific Sec., Cristina Fulco (Pte. Of FePAL) and Virginia Ungar (Pte. Of the IPA).