Virginia Ungar is candidate for IPA President-Elect (period 2017-2021).
Elections are taking place right now by electronic voting, up to May 30.

IPA: Member, Committee of Psychoanalysis of Children and Adolescents (COCAP), 1997-01; Co-Chair for Latin America, COCAP, 2001-05; Member, IPA-IPSO Working Group 2005-07; Member Requirements Board Working Group 2005-07; Chair, COCAP 2005-09; Board Representative for Latin America 2005-09; Board Representative on the Executive Committee 2007-09; Member, Membership of the IPA for Child-Only Trained Analysts Ad Hoc Committee, 2009-11; Member, Clinical Observation and Testing Committee 2009-13; Chair, Integrated Training 2011-present, Consultant COCAP 2009-present; Member, Latin American Editorial Board, IJPA:2009-presentMember, Latin American Editorial Committee IJP, 2009-present.